Mini Zoo takes Breyer Online Sales to New Heights

Mini Zoo takes Breyer Online Sales to New Heights

Mini Zoo takes Breyer Online sales to new heights

“Beautiful, high-quality toys. Delivery was so quick! Will be repurchasing from minizoo next time. Thanks, 😊

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It only takes mere moments being on to realise that your dealing with one of the best online retailers of toys in Australia, from their easy to use webpage layout, vast array of product,  to the literal miles of live 5 star reviews flowing in at the bottom of the screen – this family owned and operated business takes pride in their customer service and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that can only come from being one of the leaders in the toy & figurine retailer space in the Australian market.

As one of our premier online retailers of Breyer in Australia, we sat down with Jason Smit from the Mini Zoo team last week to talk all things Breyer.

So, Mini Zoo was originally a ‘Bricks and Mortar’ only store – what was the motivation to shift the business to an online model?

We started to notice a substantial shift in shopping trends. People were tending to visit physical shops less & less, and we really needed to get onboard to stay relevant. We also saw this as a huge opportunity to expand our customer base into a new market.

What was the pull towards the ‘Breyer’ brand for yourself and the team?

We observed the popularity of collecting realistic miniature animal figures over the years and noticed that many of our customers would travel from other towns especially to our shop to purchase them. Breyer was a natural fit and an obvious choice with the range and quality of the product.

Do you have a particular model of Breyer that is your favourite?

Oh, tough question! I’m a bit partial to the Christmas Collection – the Holiday Horse Woodland Splendour from 2016 is probably my favourite.

Which Breyer model has been the most successful at Mini Zoo?

The Traditional ‘Winx’ is our current and overall best-selling model of Breyer – being such an iconic Australian racehorse she really brings a lot of joy to collectors and children alike which has really propelled the success of the model specifically in Australia.  

What kind of promotions does Mini Zoo run around Breyer?

We do quite a bit with Breyer –it’s a fun brand to work with, especially with children and the activity range. We recently ran a colouring in comp using an image from the Breyer colouring book ‘H is for Horse’, and we filmed a YouTube video on the Breyer Suncatcher Paint & Play with our niece Nora as the star!

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How can customers reach you?

Visit or email questions to

Thanks Jason!

Mini Zoo stocks a variety of Traditional, Freedom, Stablemates and Activity models which can be purchased online and shipped directly to you.

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