Bit Bank Australia - Sarah Clark Equestrian

Bombers Australia & New Zealand would like to welcome Sarah Clark Equestrian to #teambombers !
She will be representing Bit Bank Australia- For Horse Bits as their Bombers Bit Ambassador for 2023.
Sarah Clark is an Event rider from South Australia producing horses from foals and youngsters through to the very highest levels of the sport. In 2022 Sarah fulfilled a lifelong dream by successfully competing in the prestigious Burghley Horsetrials 5* in the UK and aims to fulfil another in 2023 by contesting Badminton Horsetrials 5*, also in the UK.
Having been qualified and eligible for the Tokyo Olympics and Pratoni World Eventing Championships, Sarah is listed on the Australian Recognition Squad.
However as much as Sarah enjoys and aspires to compete at the top level, continuing to produce the next generation of equine stars is also important to her and she has a string of developing younger horses at various stages of their careers in Australia.
With such a varied team, Sarah knows every horse is unique in their bitting preferences. Therefore she relies on the range of Bombers bits to help her communicate with and develop a partnership with each individual.