Kent Saddlery - The Brumby Project

Introducing our newest #TeamBombers member, Anna Uhrig from The Brumby Project .
Anna is a proud Bombers ambassador for Kent Saddlery and is based in Amamoor, Queensland.
📸 Jess Howard
Anna fell in love with Brumbies in high school, where she had the opportunity to attend a two-week starting camp in Central Queensland and break in her first brumby. ‘I was hooked – the wild horses, yarns around the campfire, experiences and friendships established themselves within my core and would see me returning, year after year, until eventually I was handed the reins’.
Anna is the founder and CEO of 'The Brumby Project' a fantastic initiative which connects Brumbies with those who would like the opportunity to work with, and own, an Australian Brumby. Participants can bring their own lightly handled Brumby or be supplied a Brumby (which they can then take home!) to work with over the duration of the camps, where they focus on the basics, such as haltering, leading, floating and horsemanship.
On top of a very busy schedule of organising and facilitating the Brumby starting camps, Anna also competes in Camp Drafting, Stockman’s Challenges and attends clinics with her own personal horses, Anna has been looking forward to getting her Horses in Bombers bits for some time!
‘I like the look of the bits and the quality. I know anything stocked by Kent Saddlery must be good and I’m a big advocate for brands that I believe in. A bit is an important piece of equipment, one that has probably been overlooked by me in the past and I’m looking forward to trying something new and giving my horses a reward of a well-made and cleverly designed piece of equipment’.
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