Marsh Carney Saddlery - Scott & Lindee Mcnaughton

Scott and Lindee have been breaking in and working horses for the Public for the best part of 25 years. Both from strong horse back grounds they have both dedicated there lives to understanding horses better and always working towards getting the horses in a more willing and softer frame of mind.
Both working along side each other they have started many young horses for various disciplines, and in the later years have concentrated more on cow horse events spending time working under Graham Amos, training cutting horses, then later developing a strong interest in the Reined Cow Horse Event .
What started as working with horses has now shifted to helping others work with their horses , where today Scott and Lindee hold clinics covering horsemanship , groundwork, confidence and cow horse clinics , always focusing on getting both human and horse to more comfortable and confident with each other which has bought them to partner with Bombers Bits Australia & New Zealand.
Excited about what the bits can offer the horse in comfort, fit and less resistance , Scott and Lindee are looking forward to learning more about the range of Bomber Bits and how they can help others help their horse.
To find out more about Bombers Bits drop a line to the Team at Marsh Carney Saddlery. Bombers Bits are available across their Scone, Tamworth and Dubbo stores!