Caitlan Ash Photography

Caitlan Ash Photography has joined Team Resistol Australia as our Official Rodeo Photographer.
Caitlan Ash was born into rodeo - spending much of her youth on the road travelling from event to event competing in Breakaway across the country with her family.
The sound of hooves pounding, rusty chute gates swinging open, and the wild cheers of spectators sparked something special inside this young woman – a question - how can I catch & keep these moments to their fullest expression?
All the passion in the Rodeo athletes eye – the power & strength of the horse, the gleeful smile of the dirt covered cowboy as he dusts of his hat and calls it a day– it takes a true artist to be able to capture the real heartbeat of Rodeo, and Caitlan has her finger on the pulse.
Caitlan’s candid photography is how she shows her love of the sport, and it creates an avenue for others to showcase their achievements and keep a hold of their most valued rodeo memories.
Team Resistol Australia is proud to welcome Caitlan, and we look forward to supporting her passion and skill into the future.
So next time you see her lens flashing your way and you are wearing your Resistol hat of choice, give her a wave!
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