First Bit Equine - Sarah Dawson

A big warm welcome to Sarah Dawson to Team Bombers 2023!
Sarah is a 4* eventer from the South West WA, and will be representing one of our amazing retailers - First Bit Equine!
Sarah started riding at just 3 years of age in showhorse. However her passion for jumping and going fast soon became obvious when she would spend more of her time looking behind her watching the jumping ring rather than her own class in front of her at all the Ag shows and Perth royal.
She did her first ODE at just 8 years old and has been hooked ever since.
Her first 4* horse was a big thoroughbred gelding, Holland Park Calgary, whom she trained from OTT and competed at the Adelaide 3 day event as part of the WA young rider team in 2014.
Nowadays Sarah has a smaller team of 2. Shay is a 14 year old thoroughbred gelding Sarah purchased 10 years ago and produced into a 4* eventer, and Lola is a 10 year old warmblood mare purchased from Victoria in foal as a showjumper and has since made the transition to eventing very successfully. Lola is currently competing at 95 with an upgrade coming soon.
Sarah has competed at Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney 3 day events very successfully and was the Equestrian’s in the Park Grand Prix champion in 2019 with Imposing.
Sarah loves the Bombers Bits range and has begun using the Titanium McHardy with both of her horses for dressage, and is loving her DC Happy Tongue for Shay in the jumping and Cross Country phases of her events.
To find out more about Bombers Bits, visit or reach out to the First Bit Equine team on 0429 109 193.