Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross Equestrian has been a proud member of Team Bombers since 2017. Her equestrian career has taken her around the world, and she has been ranked in the top 50 riders the world in eventing.
Amanda rode Off the Track thoroughbred Otto Schumaker to represent Australian in Eventing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 20 years later she was on the short list to represent Australia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with her Off the Track thoroughbred Koko Popping Candy.
She has been a reserve for three World Championships, competed at FEI dressage, & now has found her new passion competing in World Cup show jumping.
Amanda is also a coach, works in the High Performance division of Equestrian Australia, & is a VRC Ambassador for the welfare of Thoroughbreds after racing.
Amanda’s journey with Bombers was born out of a quest to find a solution to quite a unique problem.
“I’m only 5’3 – and I was often riding quite strong horses that were difficult to control due to my size. This is when I started to really deepen my knowledge around bitting and came across the ‘Bombers Philosophy’.”.
"The education I received from Bomber gave me a greater understanding of each one of my horses. Pressure = resistance, resistance =lack of control. The wide variety of Bombers Bits gave me the opportunity to get specific bits for each horse that they were happy with – and all that resistance was gone!"
"Nowadays I love introducing the Bombers Philosophy and bits to my clients – I generally have a ride on their horses to get a feel for where they are at and might even send them home with a few Bombers Trial bits to play with!”
Amanda & Bex Mason recently interviewed Claire from Bombers HQ on their amazing Podcast 'The Equestrian Experience' - click here to check out the video :