Bombers Bit Fitters In Training

These people are currently undergoing training prior to being accredited by Bomber. The Pre Accreditation course includes all information required to pass Bomber's Accreditation Course, plus supervised practical fittings & extended product knowledge sessions. Due to Covid-19 Bomber Has not been able to travel to conduct final accreditation. Toptac has faith in these people and believe they have appropriate bitting knowledge according to their experience. 

Name Preferred Contact Location Serviced Business
New South Wales
Dion Stokes NSW Stokes Sporthorses
Jo Parry NSW Trailrace
Anna Minogue QLD The Bit Fitter
Melissa Denton QLD Enhanced Equine Performance
Rachelle Wilson Vic Rachael Wilson Dressage
Western Australia
Rachael Brown WA Rachael Brown Equine Sports Therapist
New Zealand
Angelina Dorian NZ Ridesmart Equestrian Centre
Anna Stephen NZ Stephen Sport Horses
Georgia Worth NZ Equine Dental Care Try A Bit
Stephanie Scott NZ Longview Equestrian