Bombers Bits has developed quality equestrian products for over 30 years, aiming to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging problems, especially in the area of bitting.

A family-owned company, led by the indomitable Bomber Nel, Bombers is rare in the modern equestrian world as a company operated by equestrian professionals who genuinely know horses and the problems riders face.

Every bit is designed for a specific equestrian discipline, mouth type or pressure preference, before being handcrafted with an attention to detail to encourage optimum performance and comfort, and minimum pressure.

Bombers Bits are recognised for their distinctive blue colouring. Some, such as the iconic Bomber Blue and gentle Flexible Mullen, the colour is a result of specialist materials. However, on the majority of bits, the blue is simply the result of a high heat finishing process on sweet iron. On these bits, the blue is meant to disappear over time to reveal the sweet iron underneath.

Bombers also produces bit measuring devices and world class spurs.

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Below is a very small sample of the bits available, with a wide range of mouth & cheek pieces in sizes from 90cm to 160 cm, the range covers all requirements & disaplines.

See our downloadable catalogue for the full range, all bits can be ordered through the suppliers listed in the above menu

63 results
63 results