Every rider should wear a helmet as head injuries can quickly lead to significant damage. As an everyday companion such a riding helmet ought to be practical, offer great wearing comfort and fit into the overall picture. SWING helmets have been conceived in line with the latest safety standards. Innovative technology means that they can easily be adjusted to the head. Combined with a good ventilation system and lightweight materials this ensures that the rider is barely aware of the helmet on his head and yet it protects the head and neck in the worst case scenario.As well as classic black riding helmets SWING also provides modern designs with patterns or unusual colours.

In particular for show jumping and eventing, the rider should also wear a safety vest. SWING not only provides back protectors but also body protectors. Back protectors are lighter and thinner and mainly protect the spine. The somewhat thicker body protectors provide safety for the entire upper body in a fall. The SWING protectors likewise meet current standards and are therefore also authorised for use in competitions and riding tests.

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