‘Model Horses’ website brimming with 2022 New Release & Christmas Breyer

‘Model Horses’ website brimming with 2022 New Release & Christmas Breyer

Nestled in the mid north coast of New South Wales, Port Macquarie is home to a very special couple whose names run very close to the heart of many dedicated Breyer collectors in Australia.

We are of course talking about Chris and Sue Elworthy of www.modelhorses.com.au , one of Australia’s leading online retailers of Breyer.

Jumping onto the website is easy as pie, and a quick visit will take you to the home page which has on display Breyer’s newest additions to the stable. The ‘Traditional’ Limited Special edition ‘Kendall’ which is proving to be wildly popular with collectors, plus Maelstrom & Snowbird – 2022’s Halloween and Holiday horses.

Chris and Sue are extremely experienced in the online retail space, being two of the pioneers in Australia. They started their business 15 years ago when online shopping was still in its infancy and have grown and built the online business ‘Model Horses’ to the amazing space that it is today.

Breyer Australia sat down with both Chris and Sue earlier this month to have a chat about all things Breyer, and to get to know the amazing ‘Toy’s and Gifts’ power couple a little better.

BA: So, what inspired you as a couple to start ‘Model Horses?’

Chris: We had a ‘literal’ sea change to Port Macquarie in 2008 and were looking for a new business venture that was going to fit in well with our lifestyle. Even though the online shopping space was still an area going through a lot of growth in those early days, we were confident we could find a strong community of online shoppers within the Toy & Gift space.

BA: When did Breyer ‘Debut’ on your online store, and what was the draw to the brand?

Chris: Well Sue has always been a Horse lover, so there was a natural progression about 12 years ago towards Breyer as they are extremely well known for being the horse figurines for horse people. They have an attention to detail with their models that would be overlooked by many toy manufacturers – and this has made them a worldwide success. We had no doubt they would be well received within our online community.

BA: Out of Traditional, Freedom, Stablemates or Activity – what would you say is your most popular selling line of Breyer?

Chris: Traditional has always been our best-selling models, especially within the Australian collectors and customisation groups. The Traditional models are extremely particular when it comes to reflecting details – especially when they reflect a real-life horse (which is often the case!)

BA: What has been your favourite model of Breyer ever released and why?

Sue: There have been a lot of great Breyer models over the years; but I would have to say that the Breyer Glitterati 65th anniversary model that was released in 2015 would have to be my favourite. This model was made from the very first Breyer Horse mould from 1950 – the horse that started it all!

Coming in a close second is another Traditional, ‘Big Chex to Cash’ – a dappled Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion, who is just stunning – and reminds me of my daughters Horse.

BA: How can customers reach you?

Head to our website www.modelhorses.com.au or you can email us at sales@toysandgifts.com.au if you have any questions.

Modelhorses.com.au stocks a variety of Traditional, Freedom, Stablemates and Activity models that can be purchased online and shipped to your doorstep.

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