Aberdeen's Stephen Irwin's 'Contention' Series sheds light on Racing Industry

Aberdeen's Stephen Irwin's 'Contention' Series sheds light on Racing Industry

He's probably more known for his sculpting skills but, recently, Aberdeen’s Stephen Irwin turned his hand to another artistic foray – writing.

The Contention book series is based on the world of horse racing and will intoxicate readers who love adventure, sport, crime and mystery. It will even capture lovers of romance. Book one "Contention" introduces Logan Weston, a down-on-his-luck Australian racehorse trainer who can't seem to catch a break. Angus Masters, his arrogant training arch-rival born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has kicked Logan in the guts one too many times. First Angus took Logan's wife and now he has stolen his prize horse out from under him.

When Logan lays out Angus Masters cold with one punch, he is arrested and suspended from racing. His world is turned upside down. But when the Aussie underdog is offered a dream job in England by the Baker Racing empire his life looks to be turning around......

The Contention Book Series follows Logan's rags to riches journey and captures the greatest moments on the racetrack between horse, rider, trainer and owner. It delves into the darker underbelly of the racing industry and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of race-fixing, extortion and money laundering.

Finally, a book series written by a hands-on horseman with over 40 years of experience in the Australian racing industry. Stephen Irwin captures the exhilaration, triumphs, and tragedies of horse racing in a book series that will captivate you from the very start.

The Upper Hunter resident has also hinted on occasion that the book is based on his local area, on people he actually knows, just to make the series even more intriguing!