Toptac Ground Feeder

Colour: Black

Available through our retail partners.

Upgrade your pasture feeding with the Toptac Ground Feeder, designed for efficiency and durability. This innovative 17L feeder features a no-tip design, ensuring that large amounts of food stay in place, reducing waste and mess.

The Toptac Ground Feeder promotes natural eating habits, mimicking the grazing patterns of livestock in the wild. This design not only aids digestion but also addresses other eating-related issues, contributing to the overall health and well-being of your animals.

Constructed to withstand the elements and the daily rigors of farm life, the Toptac Ground Feeder is perfect for various types of livestock. Its robust build guarantees longevity, making it a valuable addition to any farm or ranch. 

Experience the benefits of a well-designed pasture feeder with the Toptac Ground Feeder—where efficiency meets animal health.

External Size: 600mm x 600mm x 240mm

Volume: 17L