Tech Stirrup Rome Racing - 4 Colours


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Tech Stirrups racing stirrups are entirely made in Italy. They have been manufactured with a special aluminum alloy, so they are extremely light and resistant. Each stirrup is made from a single aluminum billet and assembled with stainless steel screws.

The rings undergo anodizing treatment (20 microns) to preserve their aesthetic quality, while the pads have a honed surface.


  • Combined Weight: 120g
  • Tread length: 88mm
  • Elliptical tread width: from 23.70mm to 31.50mm
  • Finishing: Shiny


The tread has been designed in collaboration with professional jockeys and provides riders with the best grip, despite the reduced size of the tread



Provide riders with a greater support surface while maintaining maximum lightness.


Rome horse riding stirrups undergo breaking tests to ensure their strength.