Tech Stirrup Capri Plus Classic Dressage - 4 Colours


Available through our retail partners.

Reduces knee and ankle fatigue

This is the classical dressage stirrup, equipped with a SHOCK-ABSORBING system that reduces leg fatigue.

The Tech Stirrups products are made of high-quality metal.


  • Weight: 490g 17,3oz
  • Tread dimensions: 12×6,5cm   4-3/4 in
  • Slope: 2,5°
  • Finishing: Shiny


The Capri Plus stirrups are equipped with 4 shock-absorbing inserts allowing the stirrup to follow the natural movement of the foot so that the rider’s performance improves. The comfortable feeling is priceless.


The grip is specifically developed for dressage: it ensures perfect adhesion and its 2,5° inclination helps posture.

You can easily replace the pad and the shock-absorbing inserts if required.