Majyk Equipe Dressage Pad Correction with Impact Shims White/White Merino Wool


Available through our retail partners.

Features: • High-Loft, Dense Merino Wool on top and underside • Spine Relief Technology for Maximum Spine Clearance • Wither Relief Technology for Maximum Wither Clearance • Customizable Impact Protective Shims • Durable, High Quality Construction • Hand Wash & Air Dry - Remove Inserts • Ideal for Dressage Saddles.

Majyk Equipe Shimmable Dressage Pad with Merino Wool is a combination of breathable natural fabrics and ergonomic design. Split wither help horse with freedom of shoulder movement. Four Pocket Shim Pads help prevent 'bounce back' between horse and rider.

Sold as a single unit only.