Kieffer Saddle Paris Dressage Drop Panel Black Size 1


Available through our retail partners.

The dressage saddle ‘Paris’ is a top-model for ambitious dressage riders. The flexible choice of a saddle panel matching perfectly to the horse’s back, in combination with a deep seat and a large, anatomically shaped knee roll, makes this saddle interesting for riders who require a tight seat with a sturdy leg position. Comfortable characteristics and elaborate workmanship unify horse, saddle and rider. For people who love the extraordinary, this saddle is available with double cowhide leather as well as in different colour combinations.

  • High knee rolls on the panel under the saddle flap
  • Optionally with elaborately finished, extra soft saddle flaps with decorative stitching
  • Cantle badge with engraving plate
  • Flexible V-shaped girthing system
  • Gusseted panel


The innovative ‘Drop Panel’ provides a significant larger contact area and a more voluminous cushion behind the shoulder in comparison to our standard panel. In particular, horses with problems in the trapezium muscle area or with hollow shoulders will benefit from this extra new feature.
The contact area on the horse’s back is optimized to prevent bridging or pressure points being built. The possibility that the saddle can swing in harmony with the horse’s movements is not influenced in any negative way by the ‘Drop Panel‘.

This panel allows a greater adjustment potential when reflocking is needed and offers the saddler a better choice of adaption of the panel for a soft and perfect fit.

Due to its various adaptabilities, its softness and its supportive effects on muscle growth, the ‘Drop Panel’ has become one of Kieffer’s most popular panels and is optionally available for almost all dressage and general purpose saddles.