Charlie 1 Horse Highway Burgundy


Wool | 3 1/2" Pinch Front | 3 3/4" Brim | Cloth Sweatband

Dyed a rich hue of burgundy to suggest wildflowers and roadside adventures, the Highway is interstate-ready and freedom-bound. This carefully crafted wool hat comes in a 3 1/2" pinch-front crown with an irresistible 3 3/4" floppy downturned brim. The hatband’s natural shade flawlessly complements the Highway’s red-purple complexion, with a small Charlie 1 Horse pendant adding a splash of character. Our sideways-horseshoe logo adorns the crown. Part of our Wanted Collection, the Highway in Burgundy is your ride-or-die.

Wanted Collection

Color: Burgundy

Material: Wool

Brim: 3 3/4"

Crown: 3 1/2"