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Trakehner (pronounced Tra-KAY-ner) horses are the oldest of all warmblood breeds. During a history reaching back more than 400 years, this breed has been systematically “engineered” for performance—first as work horses in East Prussia, and later as the refined sport horses that have gained the Trakehner breed its international acclaim.

Although once nearly wiped out, the Trakehner breed is well into the process of recovering. Today it is the smallest in number of the warmblood breeds, with a population only about one-tenth of the numbers of other breeds. However, because approved Trakehner stallions are so often used to improve other breeds, there is much more Trakehner blood in the warmblood world than shows by registration.

Perhaps the most outstanding attribute of the Trakehner is its temperament. It is alert and intelligent, yet stable and anxious to please. For this reason, Trakehners are known to be not only a performance champion, but more importantly, an everyday friend that is easy to train and easy to love.

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Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+