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Accredited Bit Fitter - Loren Wellings


Company - Horse Bit Emporium


Location - Victoria


Loren’s story.


One Christmas morning, eight year old Loren has found a pony tied to the letter box out the front of her home. This started a love affair with horses that hasn’t dimmed since. While working as a Police officer, Loren started Horse Bit Emporium. For some years Loren juggled long shift work hours and her growing business. As the demand for knowledgeable bitting advice and quality products grew, Loren decided to leave the force and concentrate on Horse Bit Emporium full time. Loren is also a busy mum and loves riding her two coloured Warmblood horses (Buttercup & Zorro) whenever she can find a spare moment!


Why do you sell bits? 

I started selling bits because I was very interested in bitting, and I felt there was a definite lack of knowledge, education and understanding about the functionality and effect bits can have on the horse and their ability to understand what we want from them. 


What Bit Fitting qualifications do you have?

I am an Accredited Bombers Bit Fitter and work with Bomber Nel continually to develop my knowledge and skills.


What services does Horse Bit Emporium offer?

I offer a personalised bit fitting service, bit sales and advice. I carry an extensive range of stock and receive monthly deliveries of custom-made bit from Bombers in South Africa.

Due to demand, the bit fitting is now primarily done through clinics across Victoria. I also travel into NSW, QLD and SA.


Why should horse owners have their bit fitted?

Primarily, to make sure they have the right size bit to start with and to make sure it is not doing any harm to the horse’s mouth when the rider is applying pressure.


What are the main bitting issues you are seeing in the field whilst conducting Bit fittings?

Mouth damage – from bits being too big, therefore lateral friction of the bit causing inside and outside damage.


What factors do you consider when doing a bit fit?

Mouth size, tongue sensitivity, tongue thickness, reaction to bit when pressure is applied, i.e., head out, head up, head tilting, tongue activity, thickness of lips, length of smile.


My priority is to help riders find a more harmonious connection with their horse, through correct bitting.




Why do you sell bits?

I started selling bits because I found it interesting, fun and the logistics of the type of product intermeshed with my lifestyle and interests. I’ve continued to sell them because I am passionate about helping horses and riders achieve their potential. It’s truly astounding what a difference the right bit can make!  


 Who are your sponsored riders?

Sonja Johnson –Olympian Event Rider from WA (major)

Andrew Cooper – Event Rider from VIC (major)

Tarryn Proctor – Event Rider from VIC

Sophia Landy – Event Rider from VIC (mini sponsor)

Ella Smith – Junior Event Rider from VIC (mini sponsor)

Shannon McKimmie – Dressage Rider from VIC (mini sponsor)


Why do you sponsor them?

I choose to sponsor riders who I perceive as having an interest in bitting, and how it can dramatically change a horse’s performance and welfare. These riders see the difference correct bitting makes to their partnerships with their horses.


What are the important services your business offers?


Personalised Bit Fitting.

Prompt, knowledgeable customer service.  

One of Australia’s largest bit inventories


How do you get in contact with Loren?


Messenger via Business page works wonders!


Email: Loren@horsebitemporium.com




Loren Wellings

Horse Bit Emporium


M: +61 400789111