Georgia Worth - Equine Dental Care

Georgia Worth is a former professional dressage rider, after riding professionally in Australia and Germany, Georgia decided that she wanted to change her focus and give something back to the horse community. Combining her knowledge of performance horses and riding with being a Qualified Equine Dental Technician, Georgia offers a strong understanding of how dental issues can affect the ridden athlete.

After a couple of years of lending and recommending bits to her clients with great results she decided to make the bit fitting and lending service more widely available to everyone, and so Try a Bit started. Try a Bit is a way for you as a rider to have confidence in the bitting choices made for your horse.

"Our service looks at your horse holistically. We check for dental issues, correctly assess your horses mouth conformation and have the riding experience to understand your struggles as a rider as well as taking in to account your horses age and issues they may be having outside of the bit." 

"Our goal is to allow your horse to have complete comfort with their bit, allowing you as a rider to then focus on schooling your horse with the confidence of knowing that they are not experiencing discomfort."