'Majyk Equipe' Joins Team Toptac Down Under

'Majyk Equipe' Joins Team Toptac Down Under

“We are Riders first and foremost”.

Michael Sirjani – Founder of Majyk Equipe

The journey of ‘Majyk Equipe’ began in 2012 when Michael and Beverly Sirjani could not find satisfactory protective horse boots or equipment for their own horses. While there seemed to be a lot available on the market, much of it was being manufactured cheaply with materials that were not satisfactory for their equine partners and often by people who have never stepped foot into a stirrup in their life. 

Both Michael and Beverly had spent their early careers working for some of the world's most renowned sporting goods companies and had a clear idea of what went into the best of them. “Living and working in California gave us an insight into what it took to build athletic brands with purpose, and we couldn’t see why there didn’t seem to be the same innovation to create the best of the best for our equine partners”.

Michael and Beverly also noticed that ‘Neoprene’ (a wetsuit material) seemed to be the ‘go to’ product for a vast amount of horse tack, due to its cheap and plentiful nature. Research has shown that it’s known to trap heat and moisture that fosters the growth of microbes – often creating irritation for a horse. This was a huge indicator to them about the lack of thought or innovation that was going into the development of equine products.

With that in mind, both Michael and Beverly committed themselves to using their experience of athletic technical gear to develop equine products that meet the standards equestrians need to perform at all levels.

Fast forward 13 years and Majyk Equipe has expanded its product range to cover horse boots, overreach boots, saddle pads, girths, and ice therapy boots. All Majyk Equipe products are 100% Neoprene Free and use innovative technical materials sourced from around the world. Aesthetically, the products are also extremely eye-catching and come in matching colours for those of us who like to coordinate.

Majyk Equipe has the support of some of Australia's and the USA's best Equestrians, including three-time Olympian Eventer Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton.

Toptac International is proud to be able to distribute these wonderful products to our retail partners across Australia, which includes Horseland, Saddleworld and your local independent or online saddlery.

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