Nathan Harvey has barely rung in the new year, yet this talented para-equestrian is already well on his way to achieving his goals for 2016. A partnership with Kieffer Australia, developed in December 2015, has been the catalyst for a chain reaction of exciting opportunities. 

First came Nathan’s dream saddle, a brand new Kieffer Parbery, designed in conjunction with dressage champion Brett Parbery. This led to a sought-after fence-sitting spot at one of Parbery’s clinics, including one-on-one advice from the current Australian Grand Prix Champion.


Not long after, Nathan featured in a three page article in HorseWyse magazine, which uplifted and empowered him as a para-equestrian by focussing on his considerable skills, achievements and goals rather than the circumstances behind his special needs.


First came Nathan’s dream saddle,
a brand new Kieffer Parbery.

The response from readers was staggering — within days, more than 175 readers contacted Nathan, either full of praise for his hard work or to say his story had inspired them to take up riding.

“It was pretty special,” Nathan says. “I loved the story and the magazine goes all over Australia. I can’t believe I’ve made a difference to so many people’s lives.”  

One special message came from fellow para-equestrian Danyele Foster, who, like Nathan, has autism and competes at top level: 

“You have helped me to gain the confidence to share my story with others.
Congratulations on your success and thank you for helping me to find the
courage to follow my dreams.” 

As a direct result of her contact with Harvey, the ABC wrote an article on Danyele and the therapeutic value of horse riding. 

You have helped me
to gain the confidence
to share my story

“More and more people with similar challenges are coming out and competing with their horses,” Nathan says. “In the past, they stayed at home, but we’re now out there following our dreams.” 

As he said in his HorseWyse magazine article, Nathan has one message for all horse riders, no matter what their level or circumstances: "Keep on going with what you’re doing. It’s your dream, so don’t give up.”