Sometimes learning the hard way has its advantages and for Jason Dins it was finally getting that dream pony at nine … minus a saddle. “For the first couple of years, I rode with only a bridle and a towel over her back to stop all that grey Welsh hair getting stuck to my pants,” Jason laughs. The result, however, was the balanced seat that is a necessity on the young horses he now trains daily at his base in Kyneton, a beautiful rural Victorian town. 

While at pony club, where he remembers being “The only kid who got excited about dressage lessons,” Jason completed a Certificate II in Equine Industry through his high school, Whittlesea Secondary College. While tempted to turn equestrian work placements into a full-time job, his non-horsey mum convinced Jason to finish his VCE and get a “real job”, which resulted in a career in retail management. 

However, the call to start his own business as a full-time trainer and coach became so strong that Jason took a 12-month placement with well-known dressage rider and coach Glennis Barrey in NSW. He squeezed everything he could into that year, gaining a greater understanding of the dressage basics, developing new skills in breaking and training, competing on a range of horses and learning how to run a business. 

Jason Dins Dressage has been operating for seven years, offering services in breaking and training for all ages and breeds. As an NCAS certified Introductory Coach, Jason coaches riders of all levels, both privately and through local adult riding and pony clubs.

Jason rides in a Kieffer Kontakt dressage saddle. “The Kieffer Kontakt gives me great feel through the mono flap and close contact seat,” Jason explains. “My horses love the slim lines of the saddle and the excellent tree gives them great stability as well as a connection to me. The Kontakt gives me a longer leg line, helping me to keep a traditional position.”